Announcing the Inaugural Edition of Best Law Firms™ - Australia

Best Lawyers® is excited to announce the official expansion of the esteemed Best Law Firms™ rankings into Australia with Best Law Firms - Australia.

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Megan Edmonds

November 5, 2023 06:00 PM

Last week, Best Law Firms® launched its U.S. 14th edition, and now Best Lawyers is thrilled to officially announce the expansion of these elite law firm rankings into Australia, where The Best Lawyers in Australia is an already respected award among the country’s legal talent.

On 13 November 2023, firms that have at least one lawyer awarded in The Best Lawyers in Australia will receive outreach from the Best Law Firms International Research Team with the official Submission Packet. This packet will include:

  • The eligible firm’s list of practice areas and metropolitan areas in which they qualify for rankings.
  • A Law Firm Survey specifically designed for law firms to include information about their work over the last year.
  • Client/Professional reference submissions, in which firms may submit clients and professionally associated contacts who can speak to the strengths of the firm via a brief survey.

Expanded methodology and FAQ pages provide more information about the submission process.

Over the last 14 years, Best Law Firms recognitions have been established as the most credible rankings of exceptional United States law firms. This year, for the 2024 edition, Best Law Firms ranked more than 16,000 law firms from its largest-ever participant pool of more than 97,000 submissions. This success has spurred the exciting expansion into the robust legal market in Australia, where Best Lawyers will bring a well-researched and comprehensive award program that acknowledges the prowess and accolades of the top law firms in the country. These awards are vital not only to the law firms that are recognized but also to clients who depend on the trustworthiness of awards like Best Law Firms.

Backed by a talented research team and a process that is long-tested and successful, Best Law Firms embarks on this next step to expand individual accolades to firm-wide recognitions in honor of the vast legal talent in Australia.

For questions about the process, please reach out to

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