Announcing the First Edition of Best Law Firms™ Rankings in Australia

Best Lawyers is thrilled to announce the debut edition of Best Law Firms™ in Australia, a publication milestone for Australia and the global legal community.

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Nancy Lippincott

May 29, 2024 10:00 AM

We are thrilled to introduce the very first edition of Best Law Firms™ – Australia. This release signifies a notable achievement, marking the global debut of the esteemed Best Law Firms rankings. It elevates Australian legal practices to international acclaim and sets the stage for forthcoming editions in Canada and Germany.

For nearly two decades, we have celebrated the individual brilliance of Australian legal talent, and for the past 15 years, we have honored top firms in the United States. Building on this legacy and leveraging our established research methodology, we are excited to launch our inaugural Best Law Firms awards in Australia. Our inaugural edition highlights 477 firms—the top 2% in the nation—distinguished by their professional excellence across various practice areas and jurisdictions, making it one of the most prestigious recognitions in the country.

Navigating the Legal Terrain for Your Ideal Partner

The competitive nature of today's legal market underscores the importance of client satisfaction. This is particularly true in Australia, where there is an increasing focus on responsiveness, clear communication and tangible outcomes. To meet these demands, Best Law Firms - Australia identifies firms that excel in these client-valued areas, ensuring clients find the ideal legal representation for their specific needs.

Recognizing Excellence Beyond Major Cities

Best Law Firms employs a tiered ranking system that acknowledges legal excellence nationally and regionally. This approach ensures that top-quality legal representation is accessible, regardless of whether clients are based in bustling cities or regional areas.

Our research encompassed 83 practice areas across eight geographic regions, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Tasmania. This effort resulted in more than 4,000 regional rankings, offering a thorough, localized guide to the country's finest legal services.

Inside the Vetting Process

Best Law Firms rankings are developed from a process that taps feedback from firms, lawyers and clients alike.

The Best Law Firms research methodology gathers insights from managing partners and practice group leaders. These experts provide valuable perspectives on critical issues and emerging trends. By incorporating these insights, we aim to present a well-rounded picture of the leading firms and the elements contributing to their success. This year, the Best Law Firms team conducted more than 200 interviews with law firm leaders and leveraged the feedback of more than 2,500 lawyers who voted on firms.

During the submission and scoring period, we surveyed almost 900 clients and professional references submitted by eligible firms. The feedback provided includes perspectives on a firm’s overall work as well as a section for comments about individual experiences. While these observations are not used as quantitative data points in the overall scoring of firms, they do provide insight into what the clients and professional references perceive about a firm’s strengths including practice group expertise, responsiveness, civility and mentions of particularly exceptional lawyers and staff.

The 2025 Edition: Essential Details

The first Best Law Firms – Australia edition debuted online and in print in partnership with The Australian on May 31, 2024. Our research methodology started by analyzing firms by practice area within their locales and comparing them to local competitors. This effort resulted in 4,114 regional rankings, offering a comprehensive guide to superior legal services nationwide.

After issuing regional awards, we scrutinized firms with a national presence across 26 practice areas. Eighty-five firms in Australia were recognized for their national reach, serving clients in multiple locations. Additionally, 20 firms received the distinguished "Law Firm of the Year" awards, honoring unmatched excellence in specific practice areas.

Celebrating Australian Legal Excellence

The inaugural Best Law Firms – Australia edition celebrates the superior quality and professionalism of the Australian legal community. By recognizing the top 2% of firms, we aim to honor excellence and provide clients with a reliable resource for outstanding legal representation.

As we expand our global footprint, we eagerly anticipate highlighting the finest legal practices in Canada and Germany in forthcoming editions later in the year.

Celebrate the best in Australian law with us and discover the legal champions pushing the boundaries of industry excellence.
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