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Year founded: 1976
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Black Srebnick is a premier criminal defense and civil trial law firm, known nationwide for successful litigation of complex high profile cases. If clients have cases that one day may go to trial, they choose Black Srebnick, renowned for the ability to properly handle cases for trial. Black Srenick's success hinges on an extraordinarily thorough review of evidence and deep expertise and skill in trial litigation.

What makes Black Srebnick unique is that, unlike other firms which handle hundreds of cases, we only take on a certain number of cases at a time in order to dedicate full concentration to doing the best possible job for our clients. The Firm uses a highly focused team approach in preparation, investigation, motion practice and trial presentation. Black Srebnick is unique because we devote enormous attention to each case, often changing the momentum of a case, and giving clients the attention typically not received elsewhere. The firm’s knowledge of how to best present a case to a jury is unparalleled within the legal industry. Clients know that Black Srebnick fights hard, a reputation that surrounds the entire case and affects perceptions of all involved, even opposing counsel, and often creates outstanding resolution opportunities. In addition to our unrivaled criminal defense practice, Black Srebnick is the firm corporate America often turns to for resolution of their most substantial issues.

We are known as the “go to” firm for corporate civil litigation high-stakes cases. The Firm’s civil trial team takes on corporate cases that are potentially business-altering, with the potential to affect profitability and reputation. Corporations are confident with Black Srebnick because they have the best possible firm preparing their case.

The Firm is headed by Roy Black, one of the nation’s premier attorneys and selected by his peers for inclusion in "The Best Lawyers in America" every year since 1987. His 40+ years of career achievements include the successful defenses of William Kennedy Smith on a rape charge in Palm Beach; Eller Media (now Clearchannel Outdoor) in charges stemming from the electrocution of a 12-year-old boy in Miami; and Albertson's, Inc., when the State of Florida charged the Fortune 500 company with manslaughter in the death of a shoplifter. Mr. Black’s quality and caliber of work have made him known to the media and American public. He frequently served as a legal analyst for many major network and cable TV news programs, explaining complex cases in terms that laypeople could understand.

Howard Srebnick plays a major role in the Firm’s criminal division, as well as leads the Firm's appellate division, and helps set the standard for the thorough, zealous representation of clients that our practice delivers. He has been recognized as a masterful trial attorney, a reputation won through his handling of complex, high profile cases, many of which have centered on financial charges such as money laundering, racketeering, tax evasion and public corruption. He has twice been heard in the United States Supreme Court, winning a victory in 2016 in the case of United States v. Sila Luis.

In 2021, Jared Lopez assumed the role of the Firm’s Managing Partner, as the former Managing Partner, Scott Kornspan, retired to emeritus status after a 27-year successful career managing the Firm. Mr. Lopez now leads the management of the Firm, continuing to handle criminal and civil litigation with offices in Miami and Boca Raton. Since 2015, Jared assumed the role leading the Firm’s civil division after the retirement of Larry Stumpf, an accomplished civil trial attorney with over 30 years of experience in New York and Florida.

Whether criminal or civil, the Firm uses a team approach to prepare for these cases, often turning the direction of the case. The Firm believes that failing to prepare is akin to preparing to fail. We leave no stone unturned when taking apart every aspect of a case to find the solution. This sort of attention to detail and ability to change course is what makes the Firm successful.


Black Srebnick is nationally ranked in 1 practice areas and metro ranked in 5 practice areas. Best Law Firms rankings are based on a rigorous evaluation process.

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National Rankings

Tier 2
Tier 2 for Appellate Practice

Metro Rankings

Miami, FL
Tier 1 for Appellate Practice
Tier 1 for Commercial Litigation
Tier 1 for Criminal Defense: General Practice
Tier 1 for Criminal Defense: White-Collar
Tier 2 for Bet-the-Company Litigation

About Our Clients

Criminal Division

BSKS’s criminal defense practice is nationally recognized for its successful handling of complex high-profile criminal cases. Led by Roy Black, the criminal defense practice has repeatedly demonstrated its superb trial skills and meticulous preparation in defense of a wide variety of criminal cases and investigations, from murder to securities fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud, money laundering, internet sex crimes, mail and wire fraud, tax evasion, as well as in other areas. BSKS uses a highly focused team approach in preparation, investigation, motion practice and trial presentation to achieve the highest standards of defense.

Civil Division

BSKS’s civil litigation practice specializes in high-stakes “fight for your life” cases involving complex commercial litigation, contract, unfair competition claims, fraud, business torts, as well as civil forfeiture, white-collar business crime and related matters. The Firm’s clients include some of the world’s largest and most well-known multinational companies, real estate developers, celebrities and successful individual business persons.

Appellate Division

BSKS has handled countless appeals, both at the federal and state level, all across the country, including having briefed, argued and won in the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the Unites States accepts so few cases to review and Firm partner Howard Srebnick has now been there twice in the past three years. Knowing that clear, well-researched legal argument is the key to prevailing on appeal, BSKS produces concise and forceful appellate briefs and delivers persuasive oral arguments. Often our appellate division’s support during pretrial and trial proceedings is critical early in the trial process to assist with identifying and preserving appellate issues at trial, and is a significant benefit in both criminal and civil matters.


National Rankings

Tier 2
Tier 2 for Appellate Practice

Metro Rankings

Miami, FL
Tier 1 for Appellate Practice
Tier 1 for Commercial Litigation
Tier 1 for Criminal Defense: General Practice
Tier 1 for Criminal Defense: White-Collar
Tier 2 for Bet-the-Company Litigation

Practice Areas

The below are areas of legal specialty volunteered by the firm and do not designate a specialty in which a Best Law Firms ranking is held.
  • Appellate Practice
  • Bet-the-Company Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Defense: General Practice
  • Criminal Defense: White-Collar

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  • Top Ranked Law Firm, FORTUNE Magazine
  • U.S. News-Best Law Firm, Miami Tier 2: Commercial Litigation
  • U.S. News-Top Listed Firm
  • Martindale-Hubbell-Florida's Top-Ranked Law Firms
  • South Florida Legal Guide-Top Law Firms
  • U.S. News-Best Law Firms, Miami Tier 1: Criminal Defense: White Collar
  • U.S. News-Best Law Firms, Miami Tier 2: Commercial Litigation
  • U.S. News-Best Law Firms, Miami Tier 1: Crim Def: Govt Investigations; White & Non-White Collar
  • Chambers USA

Main Location

Miami, FL
201 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 1300
Miami, FL 33131
United States
305-371-6421 Call our Miami, FL location at 305-371-6421 Get Directions Get directions to our Miami, FL location

Management and Personnel

Managing Partner
Scott Kornspan
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