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Year founded: 2008
This is the year the firm (or its earliest predecessor entity) was founded.
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The Firm of Brown Gren Abraham & McCracken, LLC provides comprehensive and responsive legal services to employers and insurers throughout Colorado. The firm emphasizes counseling and litigation defense in insurance defense, including workers’ compensation, subrogation and bad faith, employment law, general tort liability defense and contract disputes. Our Firm has developed and maintained meaningful long-standing client relationships with many prestigious corporate members from the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000.

Our approach to the practice of law is quite simple: provide aggressive representation and protection of clients’ interests, with a goal of bringing all cases to resolution in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner possible. We understand that representation and counseling on every case is different and each case must be analyzed and handled on its own merits. We believe that it is the client who drives the case, and it is the attorney’s responsibility to be responsive to the needs of the client. This philosophy allows our firm to stand on its three founding principles of Integrity, Knowledge and Service.

When our firm was founded in 2008, integrity was the leading principle. Our firm operates with strict adherence to this value and never compromises the representation of our clients. Integrity also means we take our role as advocate very seriously. We understand liability risk is one of the most important aspects of our clients’ business. Hence, we investigate each and every lead, and potential path of resolution as we defend our clients’ cases. No matter how big or small the case, we aggressively defend each case tirelessly within the bounds of the law. At the same time, we do not counsel our clients with unrealistic evaluations and litigation results. Instead, because of our expertise, we focus on fair and accurate analysis to provide our clients not only with sensible expectations of potential liabilities, but also to allow our clients to make the most informed decision possible. Integrity likewise requires being respectful to opposing parties and their counsel. Whether in the handling of workers’ compensation, employment disputes or general litigation claims, the firm believes that our clients’ employees or adversaries deserve a level of respect and to be treated like any other member of the community. Our firm believes that this coincides with our clients’ values in treating their employees and customers with the same level of dignity. As a result, by embracing this principle, not only has the firm been successful in reducing overall claim costs for our clients, but we are also highly respected by our peers in the legal community. We commonly are involved with cases with unrepresented workers and have been successful in obtaining cost-effective results, without those workers seeking their own counsel and driving up litigation costs.

We are recognized experts in our practice areas. Our attorneys receive ongoing training and development to expand their level of expertise. We have successfully defended clients in federal and state judicial and administrative proceedings, including those before federal district courts, state appellate courts, district and county courts, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Colorado Civil Rights Division and the Colorado Department of Labor. Also, we have also counseled clients on the spectrum of employment and contract issues. Furthermore, we have represented clients through arbitration matters in an effort to reduce litigation costs. As experts in our field, we maintain up-to-the-minute information of all Colorado reported decisions affecting our clients in these fast changing areas of law. We stay abreast of legislative rule making and statutory changes and keep our clients informed accordingly. Furthermore, we often are asked by community defense organizations, such as the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association to lobby and testify at the Colorado Legislature when there is legislation proposed that could impact our clients negatively. Sharing our knowledge is the cornerstone of our client relationships. Through ongoing education, we begin protecting our clients long before there is ever a claim or suit filed. Our attorneys regularly provide no-cost seminars and training classes to risk managers, general counsel, adjusters and other defense attorneys. Likewise, even before retention of cases, we are available to staff cases at no cost to our clients.

This principle is based on a simple formula: Provide the highest level of service at reasonable rates. Service each case in the most efficient, cost-effective manner without comprising results. Utilize associates and paralegals for routine case management at lower billable rates. Communicate consistently using the latest technology to ensure our clients are informed of all legal events. Each of our highly qualified attorneys contributes to the Lee & Brown, LLC standard with an individual sense of pride in providing the best legal analysis for every case. When this is combined with our foundation of a high regard for customer service and satisfaction, it creates a great sense of integrity and pride in our ability to take care of our clients and their needs.


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Metro Rankings

Colorado, CO
Tier 1 for Workers' Compensation Law - Employers

About Our Clients

Client references available upon request.


Metro Rankings

Colorado, CO
Tier 1 for Workers' Compensation Law - Employers

Practice Areas

The below are areas of legal specialty volunteered by the firm and do not designate a specialty in which a Best Law Firms ranking is held.
  • Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • Employment Law - Individuals
  • Employment Law - Management
  • Health Care Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Labor Law - Management
  • Litigation - Bankruptcy
  • Litigation - ERISA
  • Litigation - Health Care
  • Litigation - Insurance
  • Litigation - Labor and Employment
  • Workers' Compensation Law - Employers

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Male: 3
Female: 4
Of Counsel (but not partners)
Male: 3
Female: 1
Male: 6
Female: 1
Attorney Management / Department Heads
Female: 2
Black / African American: 1
Female: 11
Black / African American: 1
Non-Legal Employees
Female: 10
Asian: 1
Black / African American: 1


Awards are self-reported by firms and are not verified by the Best Law Firms rankings.
  • Joshua D. Brown named Rising Star by Colorado Super Lawyers
  • Joseph W. Gren named Rising Star by Colorado Super Lawyers
  • Karen G. Treece named 2015 Lawyer of the Year - Workers Compensation - Employers

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