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General Information

Year founded: 1995
This is the year the firm (or its earliest predecessor entity) was founded.
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Trial Lawyers With Decades Of Courtroom Experience

Partners and trial lawyers Gerald A. Klein, P.C., Mark B. Wilson, P.C. and Michael S. LeBoff, P.C. each have more than 20 years of experience in the courtroom trying "bet the company" cases with millions of dollars at stake. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in business and commercial litigation matters, including contract, partnership, shareholder, real estate, and intellectual property disputes. The firm also represents injured clients in legal malpractice cases. The firm's partners effectively bring their persuasive arguments to life with state-of-the-art multimedia in every big case they try and almost all the cases they try are big cases.

Klein & Wilson has recovered over $250 million in plaintiffs' cases and have won defense verdicts in "bet the company" cases. The firm's trial track record speaks for itself. The firm's attorneys have won over 90% of the cases they have taken to trial. It is common for Klein & Wilson to receive telephone calls from the parties they defeat, asking Klein & Wilson to represent them in future matters.

What makes Klein & Wilson so unique is its combination of trial experience and business acumen. Our trial experience and results speak for themselves. Klein & Wilson is a business. When you hire Klein & Wilson, you talk to its owners. We regularly consult with CPAs, economists, valuation experts, and appraisers. We speak your language. Klein & Wilson has battled some of the finest law firms in the nation and achieved stunning results. In addition to the firm's litigation success, the firm continues to place a premium on client service. Klein & Wilson's clients receive highly personalized service from a firm that understands the importance of courtesy and professionalism. Our clients are the reason we are in business. Klein & Wilson also assists clients in shareholder disputes, contract disputes, and other commercial litigation matters. To speak with a lawyer at Klein & Wilson about a limited liability partnership dispute or a limited liability company dispute call 949-478-0521, or contact the firm by email.


Klein & Wilson is metro ranked in 5 practice areas. Best Law Firms rankings are based on a rigorous evaluation process.

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Metro Rankings

Orange County
Tier 1 for Commercial Litigation
Tier 1 for Legal Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs
Tier 1 for Litigation - Intellectual Property
Tier 1 for Litigation - Real Estate
Tier 2 for Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law

Highlighted Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.
Commercial Litigation
I have known and worked with Mark Wilson and Gerry Klein of Klein & Wilson for more than a decade. They are amongst the Best Lawyers whom I know! Jerry and Mark are "real" Trial Lawyers, and get great results for their Clients. Mark Wilson is a recent "Top Gun" Award recipient as one of the acknowledged Best Trial Lawyers in all of Orange County. I have learned quite a bit from Mark Wilson and I consider him to be an Expert in Legal Malpractice, Ethics of Lawyering, and Trial Practice. I have no hesitation whatsoever in stating that Klein & Wilson are, indeed, the Best Lawyers in Orange County.
Marc Hankin
Commercial Litigation
Klein & Wilson is an extraordinary law firm. Clients with important civil litigation should stand in line to work with these lawyers.
Commercial Litigation
I have litigated cases with and against Klein & Wilson and know their work product and strategy to be top-notch.
Commercial Litigation
Klein & Wilson are a class act. They are extremely competent and civil but tenacious! I would hire them if I were ever in need.
Commercial Litigation
Klein & Wilson is very organized, professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, responsible, efficient and hardworking.
Commercial Litigation
We had a complex case against a large development firm who has around 10 times the net worth of our small company. The large development firm sued us for around $1.5 million after we sued them for around $1million. The case went on for over a year, the large development firm we were up against was extremely stubborn, aggressive, and difficult to work with. With the expertise of our entrusted attorney, Mr. Mark Wilson, the large development firm eventually realized they stood no chance. At the end, we settled with us getting over half a million dollars, while the oppsing side didn't get any money at all. Mr. Mark Wilson was literally god-like during the entire process, he saved our business.
Enzo Tin
Commercial Litigation
I have been using Klein & Wilson for over 25 years and they are my "go to" law firm.
John Perkins – Commerce Construction Co
Commercial Litigation
The best firm I have ever used. Outstanding in every way.
Norm Nemrow
Commercial Litigation
Unable to achieve an equitable settlement through negotiation, I had no choice but to go to court. Klein & Wilson secured a unanimous jury verdict of $0 to plaintiff and I also received a judgement for costs. I am very happy with this firm.
Mike Honetschlager
Commercial Litigation
Mark Wilson is by far one of the best lawyers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He is thoughtful, responsive, and strategically aggressive.
Luke Carlson
Commercial Litigation
Klein & Wilson has excellent lawyers with valuable experience and expertise.
Commercial Litigation
Top notch attorneys who are aggressive and polished.
Commercial Litigation
I have worked closely with both Gerald Klein and Mark Wilson on several cases for our company since 2006. Here are the highlights from the main cases: 1. We had been working with another large firm in Los Angeles on 5 cases over 3-4 years. That firm not only mishandled the cases, but their billings were fraudulent. It was a 2 month long jury trial that resulted in a $10 million verdict in our favor. 2. They have just won an appeal in a fraud case for our company that will result in a judgment of over $2 million. 3. Additionally, they are handling a third case against a very large worker's compensation insurance company that we just won the appeal on that case as well. After winning the appeal, this case has the potential for a multi-million dollar judgment. It has been hard fought for 14 years. The most important thing I can say about Klein & Wilson is that I trust them to do the right thing for our company.
Commercial Litigation
Mark Wilson of Klein & Wilson did an excellent job on my case. He was professional, efficient, and gave me good cause to feel I was in good hands. He helped expedite settlement of a frivolous suit which could have dragged on and become costly.
Commercial Litigation
They are my preferred law firm, among other things, because they provide information on issues with very clear explanations so I can their advice and the reasons for it. They are very efficient, both with their time and their use of my time.
John Perkins – Commerce Construction Co
Commercial Litigation
I have worked with Klein & Wilson for several years. The attorneys at the firm are of the highest quality in all of the above area. I have both retained this firm to represent our firm and referred all of our clients' business litigation to them. I find their attorney to be excellent problem solvers who always met the client's needs. I highly recommend them.
Marla Merhab Robinson
Commercial Litigation
extremely diligent, detail-oriented, passionate advocate
Chris Hsu – International Fireproof Technologies Inc.


Regional Rankings

Orange County
Tier 1 for Commercial Litigation
Tier 1 for Legal Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs
Tier 1 for Litigation - Intellectual Property
Tier 1 for Litigation - Real Estate
Tier 2 for Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law

Practice Areas

The below are areas of legal specialty volunteered by the firm and do not designate a specialty in which a Best Law Firms ranking is held.
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Litigation - Intellectual Property
  • Litigation - Real Estate
  • Professional Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs

Individuals Recognized in The Best Lawyers in America®

Klein & Wilson has 3 lawyers recognized for individual performance in the 2024 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®. By receiving this Best Lawyers recognition from their peers for their professional excellence, these lawyers made Klein & Wilson eligible for evaluation for Best Law Firms rankings. For almost two decades, Best Lawyers has awarded these singular accolades, making them the foundation of our Best Law Firms awards. Read more about our Best Lawyers process here.
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Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.
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Awards are self-reported by firms and are not verified by the Best Law Firms rankings.
  • U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms
  • Best Lawyers
  • The American Lawyer Top 500 Law Firms
  • AV Rating Martindale-Hubbell
  • Perfect 10 Rating AVVO
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year
  • Orange County Bar Association, Chair of Business Litigation Section
  • America's Top 100 Attorneys
  • Super Lawyers Top 50 Orange County
  • Rue Ratings' Best Attorneys of America

Significant Matters

Below are matters chosen by the firm to highlight.

Doe v. Roe Corporation ($97 Million)

Klein & Wilson‘s client was embroiled in probate litigation that had been pending for more than five years against the State of California and one of the largest trust companies in the world. With no end in sight, the client retained Klein & Wilson to see if it could settle the case or try it, if necessary. Klein & Wilson prepared an analysis of the complex issues the client faced, determined the client needed a new team of professionals, and plotted a plan to settle the highly contentious case. Klein & Wilson interviewed and hired new probate and tax counsel and guided them (and the client’s existing professionals) to a historic $97 million settlement.

Doe Corporation v. Roe Corporation ($12 Million)

Klein & Wilson represented a staffing company seeking $6 million of damages from a hospital. As a result of discovery efforts, Klein & Wilson was able to prove breach of contract and also developed substantial evidence of fraud. After the court initially denied Klein & Wilson‘s request for a writ of attachment, Klein & Wilson presented newly discovered evidence and convinced the court to reverse its ruling and issue a writ of attachment. Immediately before trial, the hospital offered to pay Klein & Wilson‘s client approximately $6 million. The client rejected that offer given the strength of the fraud case Klein & Wilson developed. Klein & Wilson resolved the case on the first day of trial with the client recovering $6 million of damages, reimbursement of all the client’s attorneys’ fees, and the hospital was required to award the client a new contract valued at an additional $6 million.

ReadyLink HealthCare v. Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP ($9 Million)

The defendant law firm charged its client almost $5 million in legal fees while handling four sophisticated trade secrets and business cases. None of the four cases went well for the client, despite the fact the client paid millions of dollars of attorneys’ fees. The client hired Klein & Wilson to handle the malpractice case against former counsel, one of the largest law firms in the United States. After a two month long jury trial, the jury awarded Klein & Wilson‘s client every penny it requested on its breach of contract and malpractice claims and awarded the defendant law firm nothing on its cross-claims. The case drew significant attention from the California legal community, and the Los Angeles Daily Journal ran a front-page story about this case.

Bentley-Wing Property W, LLC v. West Development Inc. & West Partners, LLC ($6 Million Defense Judgment)

Klein & Wilson defended a company and its wealthy owner in an action involving a real estate syndicate in San Diego County.

The plaintiff claimed Klein & Wilson‘s clients breached various contractual obligations and fiduciary duties, effectively making the plaintiff’s partnership interest worthless. Plaintiff hoped to take advantage of the “wealth card” to convince the trier of fact he was cheated out of millions of dollars promised to him for years of hard work. Klein & Wilson presented evidence showing the plaintiff was a double dealer who preyed on several former partners. Klein & Wilson proved plaintiff was a sophisticated real estate professional who enticed Klein & Wilson‘s client into investing with him.

The firm showed that if anyone breached a fiduciary duty on the contractual provision, it was plaintiff himself. After almost three weeks of testimony, Klein & Wilson moved for judgment at the close of plaintiff’s case and won, without having to put on any evidence. The court dismissed plaintiff’s $6 million claim and entered judgment in favor of Klein & Wilson‘s client.

Affinitec v. Siemens ($5.7 Million)

Klein & Wilson won a verdict of approximately $5 million on behalf of its software client against Siemens Business Communications, Inc., one of the largest companies in the world. Klein & Wilson’s client prevailed on all its breach of contract claims and recovered 99 percent of all the damages it requested from the jury. Siemens filed a cross-complaint against Klein & Wilson‘s client but recovered nothing.

Doe Corporation v. Roe Corporation ($4.1 Million)

Klein & Wilson represented a securities brokerage firm victimized by a raid. Klein & Wilson proved that departing brokers plotted with their new firm to steal a confidential database that was indispensable to launching their new firm. Klein & Wilson also proved the departing brokers and their new firm engaged in a conspiracy to destroy evidence.

A special master held an evidentiary hearing to determine whether it should enter terminating sanctions against defendants based on destruction of evidence. It was obvious to everyone after the first three days of testimony the brokers were going to lose. So, several of the brokers settled the case for a seven-figure sum before there was a court award against them. The three primary wrongdoers proceeded to the conclusion of the evidentiary hearing. As expected, the special master recommended terminating sanctions. After receiving the special master’s report, the trial judge engaged in a comprehensive review of the hearing and an independent analysis of the evidence. He agreed with the referee and entered judgment against the remaining brokers. The client’s total recovery was $4,158,102.

Does Corporation v. Roes ($3 Million)

Klein & Wilson represented a company which hired design professionals and a general contractor to construct a sales facility in Central California. The designers and contractors made a number of errors, resulting in construction defects. Because of insurance coverage issues, the defendants’ insurance carriers refused to settle until Klein & Wilson took approximately 50 depositions and proved that each defendant had serious exposure. After several mediations, Klein & Wilson recovered $3 million for its client – enough money for the client to make the necessary repairs to its facility.

Doe Law Firm v. Roe Corporation ($2.1 Million)

Klein & Wilson represented a client who was sued for approximately $800,000 in unpaid fees by its former law firm and the law firm’s expert in the underlying case. Klein & Wilson filed a cross-complaint against the law firm, alleging legal malpractice and over billing. Klein & Wilson won approximately 20 different motions and persuaded the court to issue almost $150,000 in sanctions against the law firm for various discovery abuses. Before trial started, Klein & Wilson persuaded the court that the law firm likely committed fraud, resulting in an order entitling Klein & Wilson to conduct discovery regarding the net worth of the firm and its members. After one day of trial, the expert voluntarily dismissed its complaint and received no money. The law firm also dismissed its complaint without receiving a penny, and it paid Klein & Wilson‘s client $1.3 million to settle the legal malpractice claim, resulting in a settlement valued at $2.1 million.

Doe Corporation v. Roe Law Firm ($1.8 Million)

Klein & Wilson‘s client hired a prominent law firm to evaluate its employment practices. After the law firm changed the company’s policies, the law firm said the company was good to go. Years later, the company’s employees filed a class action lawsuit alleging the company’s policies (which the law firm wrote) violated numerous Labor Code sections. The law firm said the client would defeat the class action in a summary judgment motion. After mediating the employment case, the law firm determined it made mistakes and advised the client to settle. At a binding arbitration before three retired judges, Klein & Wilson proved the law firm breached its fee agreement (by charging fees for work that had no value) and fell below the standard of care (by steering the client into Labor Code violations). The arbitrators ordered the law firm to disgorge its fees and pay damages which, after correction by the court, total $1.8 million.

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