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Year founded: 1967
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Sophisticated matrimonial practice requires far more than the drafting of legal documents or negotiating settlements. It entails uncovering hidden assets and appraising the “real” value of a business, profession or other valuable marital assets. Obtaining successful results for our clients require thorough investigations of their and their spouses' complex finances, which may include stock options, deferred compensation plans, real estate, brokerage accounts, foreign accounts, offshore trusts, and deferred tax planning devices that are very difficult to unravel and value.

When a matter cannot be amicably resolved, litigation becomes a necessary component of divorce. Sixty years of combined trial experience has enabled our firm to successfully navigate through the pitfalls of marital litigation and to effectively present a case in the courtroom. To attain this result, we have acquired a network of experts who have become an integral part of our “case presentation.” Our litigation team is comprised of sophisticated financial experts including forensic accountants, financial planners and tax attorneys to assist us in discovering the intrinsic value of marital assets and prepare our clients for their financial well-being following divorce. Psychologists and psychiatrists support clients through the stress of divorce and custody matters and assist us in evaluating each client’s family structure to ensure that the best interests of the children are served.

Matrimonial law is dynamic and ever-changing. We believe that our clients’ ends are best served through creative and courageous positions taken in their matters. We have been an agent for change in New York in many areas of matrimonial law, including the valuation of professional licenses; the earning capacity of non-degree or licensed spouses such as successful businessmen and artists; the legal obligations of unmarried couples; and the rights of step-parents, among many other break-through decisions that have been fashioned from our creativity and courage to advance novel positions.
Samuelson Hause PLLC is equipped to handle the most complex matters in the field of domestic relations.


Samuelson Hause, PLLC is metro ranked in 2 practice areas. Best Law Firms rankings are based on a rigorous evaluation process.

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Metro Rankings

Long Island, NY
Tier 1 for Family Law Mediation
Tier 2 for Family Law


Metro Rankings

Long Island, NY
Tier 1 for Family Law Mediation
Tier 2 for Family Law

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  • Family Law

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